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What are the components of the new generation of energy storage power station intelligent fire protection system


With the development and progress of society, energy storage power stations have been built in many fields to improve power supply capacity. However, the construction of fire fighting facilities in many newly built energy storage power stations is not particularly sound. Energy storage power stations without effective fire-fighting facilities may lead to major accidents in the event of a fire and untimely human rescue.

At the same time of establishing energy storage power station, it is necessary to build energy storage fire protection system simultaneously. The energy storage fire protection system can automatically capture the flame, heat, smoke and other characteristics generated by the combustion in the fire monitoring area. The automatic alarm device or manual alarm device sends out an alarm signal and transmits it to the alarm controller through a wire. After the control center confirms that the signal is a fire alarm signal, it sends out sound and light alarm signals to display the fire location, linkage control fire extinguishing, accident broadcasting, accident lighting, fire water supply, fire shutter and smoke exhaust system, etc.

The commonly used product of the fire protection system of the container energy storage power station is the hot gas melt glue fire extinguishing system, which can realize the functions of automatic detection, alarm and fire protection of the protection area. When the change of smoke and temperature is sensed, the sound and light alarm will immediately respond to put out the fire in the early stage of the fire, so as to ensure the safety of the container energy storage power station.


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    Chongqing Science Valley Energy Storage Power Station builds a solid power foundation for the construction of the Shuangcheng Economic Circle and the western land channel in the Chengdu-Chongqing region. The station is fully outdoor and can discharge 200000 kilowatt-hours of electricity at a time, which can meet the daily electricity demand of about 30000 households.