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JB-B-SSD3002 fire alarm controller

JB-B-SSD3002 fire alarm controller

2 circuits, up to 512 zones and 300 output groups

Up to 24 LEDs for fire and fault zone indicators, and there is space for 4 digits.

automatic configuration, setup wizard, and default en54 setup mode

Ethernet port with TCP/IP for remote diagnostics, maintenance and programming

en54 standard graphic LCD with icons and up to 256 zones.

jog dail with 4 soft buttons for simple and intuitive user control

The design is beautiful, with a special sprayable synthetic door.

Easy-to-remove doors and chassis for quick and clean installation

All pluggable connectors

3 usb interface, support memory stick and rs232, support printer

Email events directly from the panel (4 user accounts).

Auxiliary 24vdc power output, support reset

3 operator level menu structure (20 usernames and passwords)

Stores a history log of 9999 events

Up to 24 hours standby time and 30 minutes alarm time

Compatible with new ring-powered sonar/beacon and basic sonar and 2000 series detectors with replaceable optical chambers