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JB-BL-SSD7000 fire alarm/fire linkage controller

JB-BL-SSD7000 fire alarm/fire linkage controller

Miniaturized wall-mounted design, suitable for restaurants, bars, hotels and other small projects

7-inch tft color LCD display, with digital, English, Chinese Pinyin input method

Loop address capacity 242 point, 484 point, 726 point, 968 point optional

With 64 bus linkage operation keys for direct control of field linkage equipment

With 6 points direct start operation key, can be extended to 10 points, used to control the fire pump, smoke machine and other important equipment

Fully isolated bus loop card reduces the requirements for construction wiring and improves system stability

Humanized operation display interface, beautiful and generous button design, with fire alarm, linkage, fault, shielding, supervision information query shortcut keys

With supervision, delay function, fully optimized electromagnetic compatibility design, lightning protection, anti-interference

The controller adopts arm core processor, based on embedded operating system platform, supports real-time multitasking program synchronous operation

All external interfaces of the control system are equipped with surge filters to absorb the surge impact caused by lightning induction on the transmission line of the control system and the surge impact of the power grid caused by large-capacity load switching, thus minimizing the risk of system damage caused by lightning or power grid surge impact.

Centralized plus regional design, can be extended to 128 host networking, strengthen the fire linkage control function.

Can bus has no master-slave network, the system has fast response speed and high stability