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JB-BL-SSD7001 fire alarm/fire linkage controller

JB-BL-SSD7001 fire alarm/fire linkage controller

Miniaturized wall-mounted design, suitable for restaurants, bars, hotels and other small engineering circuit address capacity of 32 points, 64 points, 128 points, 242 points optional

With 12-point bus linkage operation key, used to directly control the field linkage equipment

With 6 points direct start operation key, used to control the fire pump, smoke machine and other important equipment

With output line, feedback line open circuit, short circuit detection and other self-test function

Independent fire alarm partition display area, fire alarm, shielding, fault alarm partition display all Chinese characters operation and prompt interface, convenient and intuitive, can print all the system alarm and all kinds of operation of Chinese characters information

The controller has networking function and can be networked with our multi-loop controller.