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JTW-SSD7200 type point type thermal fire detector

JTW-SSD7200 type point type thermal fire detector

Electronic code, non-polar two-wire bus

Waterproof design with overflow hole

The indicator light is 360 visible, the structure is firm, and there is no damage when falling from high altitude.

Use highly integrated processing chips to integrate multiple functional modules on one chip to reduce product failure rates.

The use of high-sensitivity thermal components of international brands improves the response speed of the detector to temperature changes

Low bus alarm current reduces bus load burden

Intelligent judgment of fire alarm and sensor failure

Software and hardware filtering, strong anti-interference ability, pcb board fully sealed protection process

Suitable for environments where smokeless fires may occur, where there is a large amount of dust, or where smoke and steam are normally trapped. Such as: indoor garage, kitchen, boiler room, tea stove room, generator room, drying workshop and other places