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JTY-SSD7101 point type photoelectric smoke fire detector

JTY-SSD7101 point type photoelectric smoke fire detector

Non-coded equipment, used in conjunction with trunk modules

Waterproof design with overflow hole

The indicator light is visible at 360 degrees, the structure is firm, and there is no damage when falling from high altitude.

Automatic compensation function, for a certain extent because of the external environment (temperature, humidity, dust, static electricity, etc.) factors caused by changes in performance drift, can automatically compensate, improve the reliability of the smoke detector

Accurate judgment of chronic fire within 24 hours

Intelligent judgment of fire alarm and sensor failure

Hardware and software filtering, strong anti-interference ability

PCB board full sealing protection process

Suitable for hotels, restaurants, computer rooms, banks, shopping malls, warehouses, museums, libraries, office buildings and other places