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QM-SSD3004 gas fire extinguishing controller

QM-SSD3004 gas fire extinguishing controller

The single-loop 64-point gas fire extinguishing main engine is small in size and perfect in function, which is very suitable for the use scenario of energy storage prefabricated cabin. At the same time, it is equipped with a 4.3-inch touchable LCD screen, which provides clearer and effective information and is also convenient for friends to operate.

Powerful and advanced functions can be configured from pc software. Whether it is logic equation, linkage time, real-time equipment supervision, or sound and light audio, it can be changed according to user requirements. It is worth noting that inim's pc software download and use training are free!

Whether it is a wide voltage range of 180v ~ 250v or a harsh environment of 60 ° c ~-20c, it can maintain a normal working state, and its reliable quality can make it calmly cope with various challenges.