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QM-SSD4000 gas fire extinguishing control panel

QM-SSD4000 gas fire extinguishing control panel

Control equipment for driving gas fire extinguishing devices.

Gas fire extinguishing systems are widely used in important places such as subways, banks, computer rooms, etc., to protect users' important equipment and property safety.

through the united states ul, fm certified module as the core component

directly connect the est3 fire alarm controller through the loop bus, receive the fire alarm information of the est3 controller, and cooperate to complete the automatic control of the gas fire extinguishing cylinder, so as to achieve the function of quickly finding the fire and extinguishing the fire in time.

The gas fire extinguishing equipment can also be controlled by the on-site authorized personnel directly operating the start or stop button on the gas fire extinguishing control panel.

Automatic detection of external circuit short circuit or open circuit with delay action function (0-100 seconds adjustable)

On-site emergency start and emergency stop function automatic and manual control mode switch

Direct connection with est3 controller through bus, simple wiring, 4 sga module installation positions and guide rails reserved

Occupies a total of 9 sga module addresses