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Trifluoro extinguishing agent

Trifluoro extinguishing agent

Led by the double academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, seven senior evaluation and consulting experts comprehensively reviewed six indicators, including the degree of technological innovation, the advanced degree of technical and economic indicators, and the role of technological innovation in promoting scientific and technological progress and improving market competitiveness. Identified by the China Association for the Promotion of International Science and Technology, Wuhan Trifluoro Fire Extinguishing Agent has reached the "international leading level".

The fire extinguishing agent can be used in energy storage power stations, electric vehicles, offshore wind power, national defense and military industry, high-speed rail vehicles, new energy vehicles, ocean shipping ships, data processing centers, electronic control centers, communication base stations, substations, power grids, museums, archives, libraries, etc. Scenes.

It can extinguish high-energy, high-density ternary lithium electric fire, quickly cool down and prevent re-ignition;

The substances produced after fire fighting are harmless to the environment and human body;

There will be no secondary disaster after fire fighting;

During transportation and storage, it will not corrode the packaging materials such as bottle storage.

Purity ≥ 99.0
Moisture/ppm <100
Saturated liquid density (25 ℃) 1.65g/ml
extinguishing concentration 1.0±0.1kg/m³
dielectric strength > 60kv
Ozone Destruction Potential (ODP) 0
oral toxicity (mice)
LD50> 5000 mg/kg (slightly toxic, actual non-toxic grade)
Acute skin irritation (rabbit) Non-irritating
acute ocular irritation Non-irritating
acute inhalation toxicity ld50>2000mg/m3 (no death or abnormality)

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