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SG-SSD4500 audible and visual alarm

SG-SSD4500 audible and visual alarm

high performance led optics-ultra low current consumption-high efficiency optics

Optional 15, 30 or 75cd optical output

led device can be mixed with traditional xenon alarm installation

Efficient sound output, optional high or low decibel horn output, optional tone change or steady horn output

Improved audio frequency range, improved wall penetration

Low profile design-Compact design, single coupling box installation-Ultra thin

Only 1 inch beyond the installation surface, simple appearance

Easy installation without visible screws

Diagnostic Test Points Simplify Device Circuit Testing

Suitable for standard single-link electrical boxes without decorative rings-when using 4-inch square electrical boxes, optional decorative rings are used for field-configured sliding switches

12 to 18awg input/output screw terminals for fast wiring