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SSD-4400 output module

SSD-4400 output module

Built-in microprocessor cpu and non-volatile memory

Soft address, automatic addressing, generating wiring diagram

red/green led status indication

Occupies 1 module address

Contact capacity: 2a/24vdc (resistive load);50w/25v (broadcast);35w/70v (broadcast)

Working voltage: 15.20~19.95v

Working current: 223 μa when normal, 100 μa when activated

The signal output module is used to control external linkage equipment with signal feedback, acoustic alarm or audible and visual alarm, alarm bell, speaker, fixed telephone, telephone jack and other external equipment.

The signal input is an active input, which can be a broadcast audio source, a telephone bus, or a 24vdc power supply.

The output control loop is monitored (class B), terminal resistance 47kq.

Can be installed in the 120 type duplex electrical box. When an external inductive load is connected, it is necessary to connect the module output circuit surge protector (p/n 235196p)