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SSD-4401 Isolation Module

SSD-4401 Isolation Module

Built-in microprocessor cpu and non-volatile memory

Soft address, automatic addressing, generating wiring diagram

Loop short circuit monitoring, automatic recovery after troubleshooting

red/green led status indication

Working voltage: 15.20~19.95v

Working current: 45μa when normal, 45μa when activated according to the iso-9001 standard design, manufacturing shape and installation form with the siga-cc1c

The isolation module allows a portion of the signature loop to continue to operate in the event of a short circuit. This module can be set at any point on the class a loop.

If the circuit fails, the isolation cross block will automatically cut off the power supply of all equipment behind it. After actuation, the isolating cross block will continuously check the faulty end of the loop to determine if the short circuit is still present. When the fault is removed, the isolation cross block will automatically restore the whole circuit to normal.