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  • Cabin-level scheme

    Suitable for battery cabins, data processing centers, telecommunications facilities, process control centers, emergency power facilities, flammable liquid storage areas, mobile communication base stations, diesel generator rooms, industrial dust removal equipment, etc.
  • cluster-level scheme

    Suitable for various types of energy storage facilities, including but not limited to battery energy storage systems, compressed air energy storage systems, super-woven capacitor energy storage systems, etc. In practical applications, cluster-level fire protection schemes need to be customized according to the specific conditions of energy storage facilities to ensure the pertinence and effectiveness of the scheme.
  • Pack level scheme

    It is mainly used in various types of energy storage batteries in the energy storage industry, such as lithium-ion batteries, lead batteries, etc. Set up a composite fire warning detector in a single PACK unit to prevent fire caused by battery overheating, short circuit or other faults.
  • fire detection scheme

    The fire detection device is a small device that integrates fire detection and extinction at home and abroad. It is widely used and is not subject to any space installation. What is especially important is that it is very close to the protected area and can effectively extinguish the fire source instantly. It can extinguish the fire source at the initial stage and minimize the loss of the fire.
  • water mist fire extinguishing system

    The high-pressure single-fluid water mist fire extinguishing system is suitable for fighting Class A, Class B and electrical fires. Because of its advanced fire extinguishing mechanism, its use is basically not restricted by the place, and can be applied in land, sea and space. In particular, it is particularly effective for the local protection of high-risk situations and the protection of confined spaces.
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