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fire detection scheme, water mist fire extinguishing system, Pack level scheme

Cabin-level scheme

It is suitable for battery cabin, data processing center, telecommunication facilities, process control center, emergency power facilities, flammable liquid storage area, mobile communication base station, diesel generator room, industrial dust removal equipment, etc. The design principle of cabin-level fire protection is mainly based on the following two points: First, separate the battery module from the fire compartment to ensure that the fire compartment can independently and effectively extinguish the fire when the battery module fires; the second is to use advanced fire extinguishing technology, such as gas fire extinguishing, to achieve efficient fire extinguishing of the battery module.

fire detection scheme, water mist fire extinguishing system, Pack level scheme


  • Quick response

    Quick response

    Since the fire compartment is kept at a certain distance from the battery module, when a fire occurs in the battery module, the fire compartment can quickly start the fire extinguishing device to achieve rapid response. This greatly reduces the possibility of fire spreading and reduces the threat to the entire energy storage system.

  • Precise fire fighting

    Precise fire fighting

    The cabin-level fire protection scheme adopts advanced fire extinguishing technology, which can accurately extinguish the fire for the battery module. This avoids the misjudgment, misspray and other problems that may occur in the traditional fire protection scheme, and improves the efficiency and accuracy of fire fighting.
  • Reduce security risks

    Reduce security risks

    By separating the battery module from the fire compartment, the cabin-level fire-fighting scheme reduces the impact of the battery module on the overall structure of the container. This helps to reduce the damage and leakage of container structure caused by fire, and further reduces the potential safety hazard.

  • Environmental protection and energy saving

    Environmental protection and energy saving

    The cabin level fire protection scheme adopts environmental protection and energy saving fire extinguishing technology, such as gas fire extinguishing and dry powder fire extinguishing. These technologies can not only effectively extinguish the flame, but also reduce the pollution and damage to the environment. Flexible and simple installation, real-time automatic detection, once a danger occurs, the fire extinguishing agent can quickly and evenly fill the entire protection area. Low cost, wide applicability, mature scheme and simple structure

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